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Duane Pritchett, co-founder and President of Environmental Design Studio, Inc., has been practicing Landscape Architecture for over 30 years. He has experience in a wide range of projects, from Campus Planning to Mixed Use Development. He has a critical eye with a determination to provide the best product for his colleagues and clients. To Duane, this means a product that not only looks great on paper but works. This is a product that is within budget and a product that provides real value. For many clients, this is a style that functions and sells.


He has a keen interest in helping others and creative problem solving. This love of problem solving has lead him to work in various realms of landscape architecture. His expertise lies in the areas of Land Use Planning, Site Planning, Grading and Drainage, Real Estate Development, Stormwater Capture and Reuse, and Hardscape Construction.

Duane has been married over 25 years to his wife, Nancy, and they have eight wonderful children. They spend much of their time gardening, raising chickens, camping, hiking and all things outdoors. 

Duane has contributed to:

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • Trail Life USA

  • Birmingham Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

  • Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

  • Alabama Board of Landscape Architects

  • U.S. Green Building Council – Alabama Chapter,

  • American Society of Landscape Architects

  • Deacon at Briarwood Presbyterian Church

  • Smooth Rock, Dadeville, Alabama


Dave, the co-founder and Vice President of Environmental Design Studio, Inc., has been practicing landscape architecture for more than 21 years.  He has led projects both large and small, developing the design language and style of the firm.

He loves precision in all things. Whether it be a finely curved bed line or a perfectly cut rafter tail of an arbor.  It is a mindset that he brings to all the firms projects.  As head of design for the firm he is often tasked with determining the tone of a project through its hardscape or planting elements.  One of his favorite professors years ago said, "Don't do anything without first deciding on a concept."  He believes that the concept of a project should inform the design from the initial sketches to completion of construction.  As such the concept and content of any design should be that of the client's desires and goals synthesized with the landscape architect’s expertise. In light of this Dave says "I have found that listening to the client, combined with a clear vision makes for exciting and successful projects."

Dave enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years, their three children, traveling, and building just about anything.

"My experience is that the more projects you build, the better designer that you become, whether it is a piece of furniture, a retaining wall, or a garden, all inform your design sense and aesthetic."

Dave finds inspiration in historic and traditional architecture and loves to travel for that reason. "If I could see the world I would!"  Writers and thinkers that inspire him: Malcolm Gladwell, Eric Metaxus, Ravi Zacharias, Louis L’amour, and Malcolm Muggeridge.


  • Board Member Westminster School at Oak Mountain

  • Past Board Member City of Hoover Commercial Beautification Board

  • Elder at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church

  • Past Treasurer of the Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

  • Past Treasurer of the Birmingham Chapter of The U.S. Green Building Institute


BLA | Project Designer

BLA | Project Designer

Design Intern


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